Texas Boys Ranch: Growing and Meeting the Needs of Children

Foster Care

Texas Boys Ranch is proud to announce the launch of our Foster Care and Adoption Program.  We began the process with the hiring of Angela Skorick as the Foster Care and Adoption Program Director in April of last year. Angela has worked tirelessly with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to debut this program and ensure its success. We are thrilled at the opportunity to serve more children in the South Plains.

We now begin the search for compassionate Christian families to provide foster care to children in need.  In the state of Texas, there are approximately 30,000 children in the foster care system on any given day, but there are not enough families to meet the demands of these children needing a temporary home.  Most of the children in care have been removed from their homes due to abusive and/or neglectful circumstances.  Foster families take a child in crisis and provide safety, security, stability, and nurturance.  Foster parenting can be very challenging, but the rewards are beyond measure. 

Foster families provide for the basic needs of a child such as food, clothing, and shelter, but what they are really providing is so much more.  Foster parents may only have a child for a short time, but they have the opportunity to make a huge impact in the child’s life.  They are challenged to build character, teach values, and model positive coping skills.  Most importantly, they can teach the children about Christ and his love for them.  Fostering is seen as a ministry by many in this field of work.  Foster parents do what they do because of their compassion for children.   

Foster parents are the bridge to the child’s future.  They really are the first step.  They are Sharing Jesus, Healing Hearts, and Transforming Lives.

How do we qualify?

·         Must be a healthy, responsible, mature adult

·         Must be at least 21 years old

·         Must be a legal resident of the USA

·         Must have a high school diploma or GED

·         Must be able to pass criminal background check,  FBI fingerprint check, and have no history of abusing or neglecting children or adults

·         Must be willing  to attend training and accept our policy of no physical discipline

·         Must be financially stable and able to support your family without relying on foster care reimbursement

·         Must be able to pass home safety and fire inspections

·         May be single or married, but if married, must have been married for at least two years

·         Must pass a home study

What kind of support do we receive?

·         Monthly financial assistance to help pay for the additional living expenses of caring for a child

·         Medical expenses covered for the child

·         Counseling services available for the child

·         Regular contact with a Case Manager for support and assistance

·         Monthly foster parent support groups

·         Ongoing training opportunities to assist you in dealing with the special needs of foster children

·         24 hour on call assistance

·         The satisfaction of making a difference in a child’s life

How do I become a foster parent?

Prospective foster parents need to complete an application and submit necessary paperwork.  Our agency staff will contact your references and obtain background checks.  Then the family will have an orientation meeting and start training.  The family will be screened through a series of interviews to create the home study report.  The time varies but is generally somewhere around three months.


The primary focus of our adoption program is to find permanent, committed, loving Christian families to special needs children.  These are children with physical, mental or emotional disabilities, older children, minority children, and sibling groups.  Children of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds are in need loving adoptive families.

We also provide services for families that would like to adopt an infant through private adoptions.  We work with birth parents who are considering placing their child with a loving, adoptive family.

What support services will we receive?

·         Adoptive families will be provided training prior to having a child placed in their home so that they will have a better understanding about the child’s background and experiences that have influenced the child’s thoughts and behaviors

·         An Adoption Case Manager will visit your home regularly for at least six months after the child is placed in your home to provide assistance and support. 

·         The child is provided individual counseling.

·         Counseling is provided to the family.

·         The state offers families ongoing financial assistance and other benefits for special needs adoptions.

Where do we start?

Support this Program

Contact Angela at 806-747-3187 or at askorick@texasboysranch.org
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