Stables & Therapeutic Riding Center


Objective: Construct a barn to stable up to eight horses.  Each stall will be approximately 12’x12’ with a gate in each stall exiting to the outside.  In addition, a tack room and feed storage room will be located at one end of the barn. 

Recreational and therapeutic horse activities are among the most popular and beneficial programs we offer at Texas Boys Ranch.  Our therapeutic riding program is very successful in teaching a child how to manage their emotions, problem solve, deal with other people, and how to become productive citizens.

Currently we have two railroad cars for horse tack and storage of hay.  A metal carport style roof is positioned between the two railroad cars to allow some shade and to keep a portion of the area dry.  Unfortunately, the current facility is not conducive to providing the therapeutic experience that will facilitate the goals of a quality therapeutic riding program.

Our objective is to build a barn with 8 stalls and adequate storage to meet our program needs.  Since each cottage typically serves eight children, our staff will be able to provide each child individualized attention with his/her “own” horse. 

An essential part of the therapeutic riding program is to allow our children and youth the opportunity take responsibility and “ownership” of another living creature.  It allows our abused and neglected to learn empathy, nurturing, and responsibility, character traits that many of the children were not exposed to in their biological families.