The Highest Calling

This is a letter from one of our former staff written to our program director:

I just wanted to tell you “Thank You” for giving me the opportunity to work with the kids for the past two years. They have made a huge impact on my life. Thank you for all you have done for me.

I am truly blessed to have had the privilege of working with everyone in the office and the children especially. They taught me so much about myself. I am glad that there is such an organization that has the ability to love and cherish each of God’s children.

It wasn’t always an easy job, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The Texas Boys Ranch has made such an impact on my life and everyone there has made me a better person.

Is this Your Calling?

If you are interested in changing the lives of our boys and girls by becoming one of our direct care staff contact Human Resources, Heather Mahan at [email protected] or call (806) 747-3187. We are always looking for someone who can love our children.

Ready to apply? Get started by downloading your application here.

Here are ways to support our boys and girls:


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