Individual Volunteer

    Homework Helpers

Were you born to teach, or even just sit with a child and help them stay focused? We need your help in tutoring Tuesdays and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Please email Ange Scott at [email protected] to request an individual volunteer form.

    Become a Mentor

Mentor Sponsors make a lasting impression on our children as you spent one-on-one time with a specific child. If you want to know more about mentorship, check out this TEDx Talk by Jeremy A. Walker, our Director of Education, Recreation, and Spiritual Development.

    Ranch Hand

Do you like a hard day’s work? Sign up for a Ranch Work Day. This is a great opportunity for individuals and groups interested in helping at our 460 acre Ranch by painting cottages, working in flower beds, and more. Don't forget to tell us about unique skills, abilities, and licenses that your group has. You never know how you might be able to serve.

Please click here to request a Volunteer Form!


Click Here for a more detailed list of Volunteer Opportunities.


     Resource Drive

You and your group can support our kids by gathering resources that we use every day.  From laundry detergent to shampoo, from individually wrapped snacks to mustard and ketchup, our kids need it all. Scheduling a resource drive allows your group to collect needed items from your community to support our kids.  Please email Ange Scott at [email protected] to receive a list of current needs.  

     Food and Fun

We love to gather together and have fun...and when there's food, EVEN BETTER! If your group would like to provide an event or game, and a meal for 50-60 students and staff, this may be the option for you.

     Cottage or Birthday Sponsor

Each of our cottages houses approximately 8 children plus the house parents and their biological children. We need sponsors that can help celebrate birthdays, cook or clean occasional meals, gathering clothes or other resources, cleaning, organizing, or donate towards vacations, outings, décor, and more.

     House Parent Sponsor

Can you imagine parenting up to ten children day in and day out? It’s exhausting, but our houseparents continue to bless our children’s lives with their love. If you would like to help relieve a little stress from our houseparents, consider treating them to a hotel on their time off, or providing gift cards for a date night. 

Please click here to request a Group Volunteer Form!

Support Ongoing Activities

    Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist allows our cottages, and our Emergency Shelter to select specific items that will help them take care of the kids they are currently serving.  Follow the link to find out how you can impact the lives of our kids today!

    Summer Vacation Funds

Our kids often come from situations that did not include any kind of trips or vacations.  Each of our cottages takes a summer vacation that allows our kids to see things that they've never seen before.  Maybe its as simple as tickets to Sea World, a zoo, or Carlsbad Caverns, the impact that a trip like this can have on a child is indescribable. 

    Cottage Activity Funds

Providing the funds for our kids to go to the South Plains Fair, Joyland Amusement park, or even sponsoring a movie night can provide lasting memories for our kids.  Activities like these also help to foster healthy relationships within the cottages themselves, and are a source of normalcy for kids who may feel like their lives are far from normal.