Volunteer Opportunities

Take a look around and see what you can do for our kids.  There are a variety of variables for each area of services here, and we want to make sure that your experience encourages you and/or your group as much as you encourage our kids and staff.  After you find the perfect area for you, make sure you submit the info form so we can take the next step.  

Large Groups, Small Groups, and Individuals

Ranch Hands 
Do you like a hard day’s work? Sign up for a Ranch Work Day. This is a great opportunity for individuals and groups interested in helping at our 460 acre Ranch by painting cottages, working in flower beds, and more. Don't forget to tell us about unique skills, abilities, and licenses that your group has.  You never know how you might be able to serve.  

Food and Fun 
We love to gather together and have fun...and when there's food, EVEN BETTER! If your group would like to provide an event or game, and a meal for 50-60 students and staff, this may be the option for you. 

Resource Drive 
Even if you don't have time to come out to the ranch, you can still be a valuable member of our support network. We are in constant need of items to stock our commissary, and our advancement team would love to get your group signed up with a resource drive to meet these needs.  We need things like shampoo and conditioner, soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, snacks, and any number of other items.  

Cottage Sponsors 
Each of our cottages houses approximately 8 children plus the house parents and their biological children.  We need sponsors that can help with homework, occasional meals, gathering clothes or other resources, cleaning, name it, we need it! 

Homework Helpers

Were you born to teach, or even just sit with a child and help them stay focused? We need your help in tutoring Tuesdays and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Come out as often as your schedule allows!

Birthday Sponsor
Were you born to make birthdays great? We need your help making our children’s birthdays special. Become a Birthday Sponsor by donating gift cards, gifts, or throwing a birthday party!

Mentor Sponsor 

Would you like the opportunity to develop a great relationship as a mentor to one of our children? Mentor Sponsorship is the volunteer opportunity for you! Mentor Sponsors make a lasting impression on our children as you spent one-on-one time with a specific child. If you want to know more about mentorship, check out this TEDx Talk by Jeremy A. Walker, our Director of Education, Recreation and Spiritual Development.

Houseparent Sponsor 

Can you imagine parenting up to ten children day in and day out? It’s exhausting, but our houseparents continue to bless our children’s lives with their unconditional love. If you like to help relieve a little stress from our houseparents by treating them to a hotel on their time off, or providing a gift card for dinner, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!

Is this Your Calling?

If you are interested in changing the lives of our boys and girls by becoming one of our volunteers, email Ange Scott or call at (806) 747-3187. We are always looking for someone who can love our children!

Here are ways to support our boys and girls:


Employment Opportunities

Other Ways To Get Involved

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